SimpleSize BEFORE organize.


“Work flows to the competent until [s]he submerges.”
De-complicate to avoid burial.

The Space Between

“First, do no harm.”
What if de-layering is all you need to balance body, mind, and spirit?


“I can’t afford to buy cheap.”
De-clutter to create life with more space and no excess.

‘ENOUGH’ doesn’t need organizing.

MORE has been pushed onto you at every turn in your life.
Now over-consumed, over-complicated, over-booked, over-stuffed…you can get over it.
SimpleSizeMe helps you discover the luxury of less…making room for what really counts.

Who SimpleSizes?

    • If you’re stuffed instead of light and free – in routines, meetings, rooms, closets, belly, pantry, bags, family life, social life…
    • If work is burying you and your team…
    • If you’re moving or renovating…
    • If you often ask yourself after doing or buying, “What was I thinking?” …
    • If too much of everything makes you want to turn and run…
SimpleSizeMe takes you from super-sized to SimpleSized.

3 Ways to finally clear the decks

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Out of clutter, find simplicity. – Albert Einstein