“A” Re-Post Highlights: Rethink Acquisition, Accumulation, Abundance

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March ’15 re-posts highlights from the 26 SimpleSizeMe Marathon alphabet blog of 2014.

Click here for original “A” posting.


Just the Highlights Below:

Life is too glorious and too sadly random for any self-improvement to-do list to conquer.”  Wendy Wasserstein

– Acquisition: When in doubt, leave it out

– AccumulationQuality is not in… the material – but in the quality of the space. Architect Zaha Hadid

Abundance:  Alter the idea of what traditional abundance returns to you .

Question what encumbers you.

1.  Before buying, acquiring, or doing, ask what’s really necessary.

2. Donate instead. Take just 5 minutes to collect unused things.

3.  Write this headline on a piece of paper or a pop-up reminder on your smart phone: All I have is all I need.  

Tomorrow, a digest of the “B” posting…






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