About SimpleSizeMe


You’re going somewhere!   You deserve success and health – and a leaner, lighter life.  Something  another committee or prettier storage bins won’t solve.


The Business of YOU will be its best when you have and do just enough.

You’ll use simple Best Practices – just as professionals do with time-tested tools that create successful lives and enterprises.


ANY time is the right time to get into the joyful habit of regular SimpleSizing often just minutes at a time.


Clutter – physical or mental – screams into your subconscious if not dealt with.

Another pair of jeans or handbag or meeting or car or promotion or recipe or helping of food or room just make more clutter – unless they enrich you instead of dragging you down.

More isn’t better. More is just more.

  • Work: Too much “muck and druck” clogs your success.
  • Home: Too much stuff litters and clogs your  spaces.
  • Health & Wealth: Too many options clog all the spaces you float in between work and home.


What if simple is all you need?

What you stop and what you let go of will benefit others as well as yourself.

“Friendly ruthless” describes SSM Best Practices & Cool Tools.

Instead of dithering and stewing about decisions, you’ll learn to avoid accumulation in the first place – and declutter  immediately when your excess meter sounds an alert.

Crap-ometer…Bureaucracy Buster…Emot-i-meter…and Fit Kit, are a few of the tools that will come to the rescue to help you clear up the decision-making and nonsense you tripped over before.



SimpleSizeMe uses simple flat rate pricing confirmed before we begin. You’ll realize a return on investment pronto.



– Live coaching at work or home
– Phone coaching
– Skype meetings
– Classes where you work or gather

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“Change would do you good.”