“B” Re-Post: Busted! “Busyness” too close to “Business”

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March ’15 re-post highlights from the 26 SimpleSizeMe Marathon alphabet ’14 series.

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Just the Highlights Below:

– Busy-ness too close to BusinessExamine your routines and ruts at work. What can you stop doing?

– Brevity – Keep things brief and make everyone happy!

– Busted – Put drawers, briefcase, handbag, closet, cabinets under surveillance.  Don’t get busted with so much stuff.

– Bag – It’s LUGgage!  Imagine you must evacuate; what goes into one simple bag?

– Ballast – Drop ballast in your daily life to steady, equalize, regulate, and lighten up.

– Barnacles – Regularly scrape barnacles from your life: old habits, old thoughts, old trappings, any excess.

– Bulk – Don’t warehouse life by buying in bulk (bad use of pricey real estate!). You won’t starve or run out. Really.

– Buy – Avoid it. Live instead. Consider that life’s most precious commodity – water – is free.

Tomorrow…”C” re-post…


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