Ban Bored Meetings – 5 Steps

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I wish I had attended more meetings” – what you won’t want on your tombstone.

Too long and too many: Cambridge, Massachusetts based consulting company Interaction Associates surveys have found business people think meetings are too long and that they spend half of their work life in meetings.  You knew that!

“If you had to identify, in one word, the reason why the human race has not achieved, and never will achieve, its full potential, that word would be “meetings.”   Dave Barry

Slash by 50%  
SimpleSize at work and in your community by slashing your meetings 50%. If information needs to be given, do it ahead so participants can make better decisions to solve problems when they’re actually in the meeting.  The result will be fewer, shorter sessions that result in action. Then there’s more time at work to get real work done.

“No sinner was ever saved after the first twenty minutes.” Mark Twain

Talk, tech, and tools 
– Just talk: Just 2 people making a decision is a meeting. You don’t need a crowd
– Email Meetings: Digitize decision-making with “reply-all” email ‘talks’
– FaceTime & Skype:  Tech talk prompts shorter meetings
– Tools: Use proven practices to tune-up meetings

Below… 5 Steps to SimpleSize Meetings 

5 Steps to SimpleSize Meetings

  1. Think of your meetings as Sports or Music. Coach out the talent. Conduct to get the music. Your meetings are your business – as important as any game or concert.
  2. Desired Outcome. What will you actually walk out withHave just 1-2 statements of exactly why you’re meeting. Examples – Decide on best supplier – Three best steps to improve delivery – Final agreement on fund allocation – Selection of best person for a task.
  3. Time the Agenda. Time is money. Appoint someone to use minute alerts.
  4. Agreement. Attendees’ job in meetings is input and decision-making – not just listening.
  5. Set Next Steps. Specifically state who does what by when – with follow-up accountability.

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