Citizens, vote with your voice with simple clicks!

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Stuffed! That’s what our legislators’ voice and online mailboxes are! This is the WONDERFUL outpouring of citizens’ views in the first 2 weeks of the current presidency. Our democracy IS still alive and well. Marchers to callers; all are needed. And don’t worry if phone lines are full; you can send a quick form. It’s so easy I sent one …

Michelle is packing up house

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Imagine downsizing from the 55,000 square foot White House to 8,200 square feet – as the First Family will do shortly. Michelle and POTUS likely won’t do the heavy lifting of their move, but they’ll do the deciding – which is the hardest part. It’s the middle of January. You said you were going to get started clearing the clutter of your …

Next is coming! Get ready.

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Go on. Admit it. The new year is  a week old, and you’ve wanted it badly. You want to lose it. No – not necessarily weight, nor your mind – from some of the wretched goings-on around us. You want to unload all of the stuff that stuffs you so there’s more freedom, peace, and space to handle what’s next. …

Happy New Year. Seek Peace

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SimpleSizeMe promises only ideas that can simplesize your life. My daughter and I simplesized our lives 8 years ago today by going vegan. Kinder to ourselves, animals, and earth. Simpler. Try it for just a day – or beyond. 3000 animal’s lives are what we’ve saved between us. Wow!  That does feel more peaceful. Look into your pet’s eyes and you’ll see …

Make August simpler and wait for a KISS

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  August pulls the stopper and your energy drains So keep things simpler to keep yourself sane When oppressed by heat, clutter, and spam Take a month’s break and tell complexity to scram   When in doubt, leave it out – an appointment, a chore, a text Because busy September is next… So pace through politics, Olympics, and summer’s bliss And …

Leap for Less in February

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Leap for less this February. Find ways to “UN” as a lead-in to Spring to get rid of some chaotic clutter. “If I had a hammer…”  I did! A year ago, I was trying to fit a spice bottle into the confines of a drawer with fixed dividers. Suddenly I saw a solution: less! I took a hammer to the …

Ban Bored Meetings – 5 Steps

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“I wish I had attended more meetings” – what you won’t want on your tombstone. Too long and too many: Cambridge, Massachusetts based consulting company Interaction Associates surveys have found business people think meetings are too long and that they spend half of their work life in meetings.  You knew that! “If you had to identify, in one word, the reason …

Pelvic Exam Musings Prompt New ‘Marathon’ to Declare Independence

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At last they figured it out: the annual pelvic exam is no longer necessary! Just this week we read in the New York Times and heard everywhere that the governing medical bodies no longer recommend it annually.  Are yearly exams old science?  What else isn’t necessary?  And just this week, a Wall Street Journal piece suggested we cut back on the amount of …

How to pack simple for 17 days

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Pack a Bag! It stirs excitement. You’re going somewhere!  Whether you travel little or frequently, there’s something about packing that’s exciting. SimpleSize packing to enjoy the trip. A recent journey found me salivating to get to cooler temps for awhile. But 18 days in 9 hotels would be a packing challenge. Simply stand your clothes UP in your bag for ease …

Hoist that heavy bag from your shoulders

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SimpleSizeMe says lighten your bag.  I can practically go handbag commando these days! I’ve learned I really don’t need all that stuff I once crammed in my bag or briefcase. I just wrote an article on hand and shoulder bags for La Fashionista Compassionista’s latest issue:  See pages 7 and 46-47 Coming up soon: SimpleSize your travel bag.