Post #17 – “P” – Practice Pausing, Puttering, and Paring Down to Count Down

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Take Just 1 Step Right Now.  Let’s put this alphabet Marathon to its final paces with a count-down to year-end. Your assignment RIGHT NOW: PRACTICE.  A PRACTICE is  an activity or exercise you perform repeatedly or regularly.  Add a  PRACTICE that will make a difference to SimpleSize what really matters to you. What  practice, activity,  exercise will you add?  Here are some: – At work or home, …

Next SimpleSizeMe blog will post Wednesday October 29

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Dear Readers, I’ll be doubling up on blog posts this week. Traveling and tech-ing with a faulty keyboard has been a challenge! Once home, I’ll start the week-by-week assignments to year-end, as promised. Meantime, thank you for your patience and for following SimpleSizeMe blog!

Post #16 – Pope Opts Out of Outdated Ideas

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It’s “O” week – with 11 weeks to year-end in the SimpleSizeMe Marathon – and a twist starting next week (below). Options & Opt Out & Optimum- Paralyzing and exhausting is what options are.  Sound unexpected?  The Paradox of Choice is a 2004 landmark book by Professor Barry Schwartz who says maximizers are victims of abundance (WSJ). He notes that we’re now witnessing too much …

Post #14 – Push back on middlemen, marketing, merchants, must-haves

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“M”s  prompt more awareness toward SimpleSizing for the last half of our Marathon: Mushrooms – So ugly, these SimpleSizers are carriers of deep gourmet flavor and are also natural recyclers, breaking down fallen trees into simpler compounds, as well as detoxifying environmental contaminates. I threw this one in for fun!….but also because of what’s recently been  discovered – that their antigen-binding lectins can control abnormal cells, identifying …

Post Lucky #13 – Let it go – as the leaves fall

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It’s “L” week, and we’re half way to finishing the SimpleSizeMe Marathon for a leaner lighter life.  Toss things as leaves fall.  .   Here are more ideas that might help… Lift – Clearing clutter is a great mood lifter.  Even though I clear regularly, life has a way of giving it back.  Groceries, work, guests, dogs, gatherings, hobbies, papers all bring more …

Post #12 – Have Your Kale & Eat It Too – & Join the Peoples’ Climate March Spirit

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“K” week starts with kaffe and a kiss.  15 weeks to year-end! KISS – With a kiss, let’s update that tired old expression (keep it simple, stupid) –  to a more tender Keep It Simple, Sweetie. Kaffe – Coffee in many world languages. A simple life pleasure.  Black, please.       Kitchen – The simple heart of the home. It’s where we gather, cook, …

Post #11 – Turn upside down to SimpleSize

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“J”s guide SimpleSizing with 16 weeks to year-end. Still waiting for inspiration to SimpleSize? What’s messy or over-flowing?  The box of junk in your office or junk meetings at work, a closet full of clothes you don’t wear, junk thinking? Journalism – An upside down pyramid or triangle is a simple metaphor used by journalists to prioritize facts for an article. What’s important …

Post #10 – Inspiration, information, ingredients, intangibles. Ay ya yay!

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It’s the “I” week.  SimpleSizeMe Marathon has 17 weeks until year-end.  How much leaner and lighter is your life in these first 9 weeks?  Index – Yikes, the heat index is high as September launches.  Also, an index is a shortcut derived from and pointing into a greater volume of values, data, information or knowledge. Love an index!  It wasn’t necessarily easy …