“C” Re-Post: Contain Yourself? Cast-Off Instead

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March ’15 re-post highlights from the 26 SimpleSizeMe Marathon alphabet ’14 series.


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Consumption: Consumption consumes us.

Challenge – Dare any entry into your life to have beauty and value for you.

Convenience – Is convenience worth the cost?

Complication/Complexity – What can you un-complicate?

Clutter -Your mind always knows there’s clutter and stalls over it.

Clothes & Closets – We wear only about 20% of our closets..Hmmm, a closet full of bad investments.

Cast-offs & Cabinets & Cubbies  – Cast off former treasures to new real estate in your house.

Container – Don’t fund the billion dollar container industry.  Use what already exists.

Categorize:  All living creatures can be identified in just 7 classifications – kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species – so let’s classify our stuff for easier management.

Communication – Concise, Current, Clear – Say it. Dithering delays and confuses. Make that call. Do it.

Compassion – Compassion for all creatures elevates us as humans.

Change – Change for the sake of change.

Calm – Sip instead of gulp. Nibble instead of inhaling. Simply move instead of rushing. Pause.

Tomorrow … “D” re-post.

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