Case Studies

Ellen McNeesA year later and I haven’t missed even one of the items I got rid of when I hired SimpleSizeMe to help clear my cluttered basement before staging my home for sale!

Ellen McNees, Realtor, Connecticut

Beth MannersYour simple  communication tips were extremely helpful in preparing for my presentation. I arrived early to meet everyone beforehand, as you suggested, and I made eye contact with the audience throughout. It all went really well.

Beth Manners, Principal, Manners College Consulting – Connecticut

Susan Knapp‘Stuff is just stuff’ is the lesson Carol motivated me to keep learning when we downsized from a house to a smaller townhouse. But there is nothing ‘simple’ about her creativity which spurs my own. Some simple examples are her dog drool furniture protectors, reusing wooden shutters to create depth and mystery, and turning random healthy snacks into an instant party. And SimpleSizeMe won’t allow compromising on quality. It’s about simply getting stuff out of the way to make room for what’s truly important in living better lives.

Susan Knapp, Neonatal Nurse – Boca Raton, FL

Carol is a great communicator, motivator, and coach. In phone sessions, we talked through everything – my work and career decisions in both China and back in the States – because it all intersects. We’re all going places, which is why I like the SimpleSizeMe travel model as a way to focus. It helped me unload what was weighing me down yet let me add more as long I’ve let go of things too. Our talks also included health – which let me focus on the feminine side to get into a pair of capris I hadn’t fit into before! Anita Sabatino, Former Managing Director, IBM, Bank of China Global Financial Services Sector – Beijing, China

Sharon Nazarian

Hesitation/thinking too much are the enemy.  Clutter is systemic and infectious and can permeate all aspects of your life – your thoughts, home, health, work, relationships.  I’m a creative person and have always struggled with organization, but I’ve discovered that I don’t create well in a mess.  What isn’t valuable in my life now goes. SimpleSizeMe put it all within my reach.  Her expertise is matched by her passion for “SimpleSizing”, her compassion, patience, enthusiasm and sincere interest in you and your success.

Sharon Nazarian, Co-Founder & CEO of – New York City

Lisa BernardCarol’s artful eye and skilled mind can transform your cluttered home, office, or work into an organized, attractive, and functional oasis. She has the uncanny ability to walk into a space and help you identify what is valuable and necessary – and what is superfluous or otherwise clogging your arteries. She was also my role model as I consolidated my many businesses into the lean operation I now enjoy.

Lisa Bernard, President, Lisa Bernard’s SecuritySpeak, LLC – Connecticut

Tina Yetter JonesI thoroughly enjoy reading your posts. It is exactly the gentle kick in the pants I need to keep trying to simplify (It’s no easy task when my husband is basically a hoarder… Also I have travelled on the last two trips in one small suitcase. No easy feat for someone who hates packing!)

Tina Yetter Jones, Realtor – Texas