Leap for Less in February

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Leap for less this February. Find ways to “UN” as a lead-in to Spring to get rid of some chaotic clutter. “If I had a hammer…”  I did! A year ago, I was trying to fit a spice bottle into the confines of a drawer with fixed dividers. Suddenly I saw a solution: less! I took a hammer to the …

Pelvic Exam Musings Prompt New ‘Marathon’ to Declare Independence

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At last they figured it out: the annual pelvic exam is no longer necessary! Just this week we read in the New York Times and heard everywhere that the governing medical bodies no longer recommend it annually.  Are yearly exams old science?  What else isn’t necessary?  And just this week, a Wall Street Journal piece suggested we cut back on the amount of …

Hoist that heavy bag from your shoulders

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SimpleSizeMe says lighten your bag.  I can practically go handbag commando these days! I’ve learned I really don’t need all that stuff I once crammed in my bag or briefcase. I just wrote an article on hand and shoulder bags for La Fashionista Compassionista’s latest issue:  See pages 7 and 46-47 Coming up soon: SimpleSize your travel bag.  

“Z” Re-Post: Zoom and laugh at Seinfeld’s “trashification”

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Ending today: 26-day re-posts. SimpleSizeMe.net Click here for original “Z” post. Just highlights below: Click to see Jerry Seinfeld trash the stuff we collect in a 5-minute stand-up on Jimmy Fallon. “We’re in a continuous state of being garbage processing centers.” Zoom & Zap –  Zoom on what works. Zap what’s become “crapified“…such as old notions and people who deplete you, bad work practices, foods that …

“X” Re-Post: Read X-Rated Story Here

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Last 3 days of SimpleSizeMe Marathon re-posts. Click here for original “X” post. Just highlights here: X-rated story about Ximena & Xavier… They are a fine couple whose life motto was too much is not enough!  They once had multiples of everything, gave everyone they knew gifts, bought every gizmo pushed in stores, and over-prepared for everything….Read more here. X-Rated – Violence is what needs …

“Y” Re-Post: You only get one pass at you

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Smack in the middle of Spring cleaning!…grab some SimpleSizing tips here:  Click here for original “Y” post. Just the highlights of “Y”: You & YOLO  – You Only Live Once – so what are you doing about what really matters? You-inventory – Use childhood song: Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes  see the routine here Yield something amazing from yourself every day. Yoga rocks – and …

“W” Re-Post: Wabi Sabi, Wisdom, Wealth, and Waste

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Crash Course finishes Sunday. Scroll through; pick a letter; get some SimpleSizing tips.  Click here for original “W” post. Wabi Sabi– The Japanese aesthetic wabi has been defined variously as: simplicity, imperfect, tranquil, elegance, or irregular beauty. Sabi has been interpreted as the beauty that age bestows, as the natural cycle of birth and death. Wallet – SimpleSize it so it’s not the weight of a brick! …

“V” Re-Post: Be Vocal and Valiant about What Matters

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Last few days of SimpleSize ABC series highlights  Click here for original “V” post. Just highlights below: Vessel – You are a vessel holding the sum total of who you are. Care for the vessels that make you tick. Vulnerable– Are you vulnerable to marketers’ tactics to get you to buy, buy, buy? Ask what will enhance your life longer term.   Vegan – Eating animals clogs bodies and streams. …

“U” Re-Post: Uninstall, Undo, Stop, Quit

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Ends Sunday. Grab some quick tips to SimpleSize. Click here for original “U” post. There is so much more to life than so much more. What can you UN from your life?    7 examples readers offered from original 26.  UN granny pants – go for thongs or none UN sit-down dinners – go for generous tapas UN magazines – go …

“T” Re-Post: Time, tech, trade-offs

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Ends this week! The March crash course highlights from the ABC SimpleSize blog will end with “Z” on Sunday. Scroll through to check a few posts! Click here for original “T” post. Just Highlights Below.  Thanks Time– Simply take time.  Heard in the recent Marigold Hotel movie: There’s no present like the time.  Thoreau – That guy who riffed on simplicity! “In proportion …