“D” Re-Post: Perfection…when there is nothing left to take away

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Just highlights below.

Dog Days – What project can you tackle in inclement weather?

Dylan – “I was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.” Every day you’re technically older. Slow it by shedding stuff.

Detritus – Sometimes thoughts are rubbish or stuff is rubbish if it overruns your drawers and spaces.

Drawers – Clean out a drawer a week to banish detritus.

Deposit – By acquiring less, you can deposit freedom to yourself or deposit your stuff to people who can really use it.

Design – Good designers know perfection results when there is nothing left to take away (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)….and all that remains is essential and precious.

Denial & Desire – They’re partners. No desire means no denial.

Dead: Dead means it’s over. Consider what value comes from eating or using dead animals.

Dieting – Diets rarely work long term, so that would be a good starting point for tossing what’s useless.

Decide – Let love guide how you decide what to keep or let go.

Decor – I hope the new production of An American in Paris has the movie version’s tiny Paris apartment with its precious few nimble possessions. Use less as stagers do to pare interiors to the essence.

Delete and Donate – Simon says: “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”

Tomorrow, the “E” highlights.

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