“E” Re-Post: Elegance, Edit, and Endurance

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2014 SimpleSize series is being re-posted with just the highlights in March ’15

Click here for original “E”

Just the highlights:

Elegant – Little black dress. Elegance in any fabric or style takes it from beach to ball.  In math, computing, or science, elegance means a solution that is ingenious and simple.  Elegance edits complication.

Edit – Consider daily activities: dress, eat, work, email, shop, exercise, parent, meet, cook, clean, advise, think. No time to read or paint or tinker? Then delete something less important in each 24 hours. Challenge everything. Ask Will this complicate or simplesize my life?

Enough – Say “Enough!” more often. Do settle for less – not more.  Time wasted in meetings, unwanted social gatherings, bad leadership.

Economy & Ecosystems – Don’t let consumerism give you crap that creates landfills.  Example: automobile leases have the public throwing out their cars every 3 years. Buy what lasts: a car, well-crafted pen or pan, trench coat, digital devices that fit your life, right-sized dwellings that fit edited belongings. Endurance lasts.

Eat. Less but better.  (see www.eatingedited.com)

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