“F” Re-Post: The “F” Word – Food, Frugalista, Fat Cats, Fit, Focus.

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March along with us in March for a fast daily review of the 26 week Marathon/Alphabet guides to SimpleSizing.

Click here for original “F” post.

Just the highlights below:

Food – We need fine fresh food. Fine to you might mean costly steak; we vegans will take healthy beans instead.

Fat & Fast & Fish & Farm  – The farm-to-table movement is trying to get fast food to slow down and be fresher.  But legislation making fat foods cheap has created a fatter country.

Frugalista, Fortune, Fat Cats – Buy like a peasant, but live like royalty to be a frugalista. If you’re a fortunate Fat Cat, you might be so over-whelmed with More that you sacrifice health and happiness in the long run.

Focus –  Apple creator Steve Jobs said, “Focusing is about saying no. You’ve got to say no, no, no”.  Focus and say no more to reap freedom.

Fashion – Simplesize getting dressed with 3 guides: does it fitflatter, feel right?
Fitness –  The multi-billion fitness industry complicates. Just take walks. Do some gentle yoga. Lift some weights.
Next post is “G”…

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