Finish Line Post: “Z” – Zap What’s Crap (thanks to this Seinfeld bit!) Zoom to Your Zenith.

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We end with “Z”, Blog Followers, in this finish line of the 26-week – 26-letter SimpleSizeMe Marathon.  CONGRATULATIONS…You’re becoming a SimpleSizer! NOTE: Scroll down to July 4 for the start. This series will be repeated digest-style coming soon. I’ll let you know!

Thanks to Jerry Seinfeld for this hilarious 5 minute stand-up on Jimmy Fallon about trashification and how our homes are in a continuous state of becoming garbage processing centers. Enjoy!

ZOOM & ZAP – What can you zap that’s become, as Seinfeld calls it, “crapified“? What can you zoom in on that sustainably gives health, beauty, and value to your life? Keep what works…Exit the rest.

A few ways I try to SimpleSize a little each day…
No old notions – rather a mix of old and new ideas that work now
No people who regularly suck more life than they give back
No work practices that eat up time and accomplish little
No depleting foods – just simple gourmet plants – thanks to Suzannah’s lead 6 years ago
No wardrobes full of sizes and lives past – just enough for stylish fit, comfort, fun
No excess cabinets, closets, furniture – just functioning elegance for the way we live
No new car – just legs and 10-year-old Pontiac that runs well, looks good. Thanks Don



Ziggy – Our 14-year-old guy lives a good, simple life and gives back more than he takes. Whether you’re petted or not, find your Ziggy to heap love and care on.

Zones – Declare your home and space clutter-free, SimpleSize zones where there’s air to spare.

Zen – Some say it can’t be explained but we know it when we feel it.  Achieve more through less – effort, cost, time – so there’s more of you to give back for what matters most.

Zealot – I love to advocate for better health through vegan living – and I think homes and jobs are better when they’re SimpleSized.  I eat up new ideas that work and love to share them.  But everyone is unique and needs their own best way – and perfectionism needs the boot! Small steps rock.

Zenith – Zenith is that time at which something is most powerful or successful. Each day gets you to your next zenith. Without clutter in your life, your best is more accessible.

Thank you for following this series!  I look forward to connecting with you again and launching new ideas in 2015.

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  1. Just the BEST !!!

    Love putting Ziggy in your blog!

    Here is to a simple sized 2015!



    Sent from my iPhone Anita Sabatino


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