“G” Re-Post: Crap-o-Meter Detects Clutter… Lighten Up!

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Hello G-orgeous! 

March along in March for quick daily re-posts of 2014 Marathon/Alphabet series.

Click here for original “G” post:

Just the highlights below:

GPS & Global Warming – Develop your own crap-o-meter – your personal GPS for clutter.  Ask whether your stuff in any way contributes to global warming and ill health – your own or Earth’s.

Goal & Garments – A SimpleSize practitioner wrote this after clearing her closet: “I can feel a weight lifting from me!!!” 

Gifts & Giving – Henry Miller said, “Forget yourself. The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people.”  My wonderful sister, Judy, gives the re-gift tip: gift the giver with words, “You are the gift. I’ll pass this gift along to someone who needs it.”

GE – Their Work-Out  tool teaches managers to remove excess.  If it’s not serving the business, out it goes.

Garden – Your life is a garden. Weed it before you plant more.

Groan Zone –  Meetings are too often a mishmash where people sit in a groan zone and are aching to get out.  Weed meetings too with an agenda to help something useful happen.

Gorge & Groaning Board – How do you want to feel after you’ve eaten, or purchased something, or taken on a project or commitment?  To feel good after anything, avoid gorging.

Green & Greener – The phrase may be over-used, but green is green, and it’s mostly good. Light up to be green.

Next is “H”…

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