“H” Re-Post: Heist Bad Habits…Hone Your Health and Happiness

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March through the Marathon/Alphabet Series re-posts in March

Click here for original “H” post.

Home – Home is for hanging your hat and your heart. Let your heart be more spacious than your home!

Heart’s Desire – Our heart’s desire is easier to clarify if the coast is clear. Clear your clutter.

Habits – Heist bad habitsHone your positive practicesSimpleSizing can be as easy as a shift in thinking. Say “practice” instead of habit. It seems more positive.

Health – SimpleSize health; find just one health practice to improve this week.

Happiness – Recent research shows More can diminish happiness. Try less instead of more.

Hair – If we’re lucky enough to have it, we want it our way. Start with the simple architecture of a good cut.

Heft & Hoist –  Hefty bags and bins must be hoisted. Pack lighter. Live with the luxury of less.

Hobbies – Find hobbies that nourish instead of depleting and weighing you down.

3H Guide: see original post for the 3 steps of Hurricane/Heritage/Heirs.

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