How to pack simple for 17 days

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Pack a Bag! It stirs excitement. You’re going somewhere!  Whether you travel little or frequently, there’s something about packing that’s exciting.

SimpleSize packing to enjoy the trip. A recent journey found me salivating to get to cooler temps for awhile. But 18 days in 9 hotels would be a packing challenge.

Simply stand your clothes UP in your bag for ease in selecting what you need – instead of furrowing through a stacked pile – an especially good trick for just 1 or 2-night hotel stays.

The basics:

  1. Pack only what feels and looks good on you (selfies were made to help you decide – or ask a friend).
  2. Travel only with fabric that holds up. Cheap fabric doesn’t travel well.
  3. Clothes must perform multiple jobs. Example: black yoga pants can take you out at night too.
  • Outerwear: Know your tolerance for temperatures. One jacket or trench can be layered .
  • Bottoms: I want my bottom covered first! I don’t want knees and seat that look like balloons after long journeys.
  • Tops: Layer. Layer. Layer again.  Tanks. T’s. Turtles. Blouses. Sweaters.  So many ways to create your look!
  • Shoes: Double duty! e.g. A good-looking pair of flats also serve as an evening or walking shoe. But if heels are a must, then you trade off the space in your bag.
  • Everything else: Scarves and Hats. Toiletries. Jewelry. Other accessories.


  • Roll-on bags only – never checked bags…even for a 2-week journey
  • 1-2 pieces of underwear are all you need as long as you have a sink, some soap and overnight air.
  • Ballast and Buy: leave some clothes on your trail and buy new as souvenirs!

Pack what rocks your trip. Or your bags will feel like they have rocks in them.

See you on the road …

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