“K” Re-Post: Knowledge, kale, kaffe, kitchen, karma

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Do a crash course in SimpleSizing with these re-posts from original ABC/Marathon series that started July 4, 2014!

Click here for original “K” post.

Just the highlights below:

Knowledge – The research is there. Knowledge. Information. The more we know, the more we can do for anything that matters.

Kaffe and Kitchen – Simple coffee/kaffe: thumbs up if not too much.  Animal products as food: not so fast. Use this knowledge to stay healthier and more compassionate.

Kale – Kale and its cousins are simply among the healthiest foods on the planet…worth eating regularly.

Keep – Keep selected objects that really matter in your life and off-load the rest.

Karma – Karma is action, word, or deed, whose good or bad intent begets the same (my definition based on many). The Good Karma Diet is a new book coming in May by my colleague Victoria Moran to help you simply age in slow motion. 

Kick It! – Get out there and simply get in gear!

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