“L” Re-Post: Let it go…loaded…lift…list…listen…love…less…land…luggage…laundry

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Half-way through the March crash course!  Read below to SimpleSize faster – or read original series.

Click here for original “L” post.

Just highlights below:

Let It Go – Oscar winning Frozen lyrics are spot on; rise further if you leave the past in the past.

Lift – Lift clutter to lift mood and clear your decks.

Loaded –  Positive word?… money, meaning, features. But can also mean drunk – or a sh_t load of excess!

Listen – Listen in meetings to simplify them. Listen in friendship to enrich them.

Love – Keep people you love – not stuff.

Luxury of less – Beatles notwithstanding, All you need is less. I couldn’t agree more.

List – Are too-long to-do lists the reason list also means to lean? Remove items; you’ll forget they were even there.

Land – Emphasize “atmosphere over acreage”, says an architect. Good plan.

Luggage – I wish you no luggage nor baggage – just one rolling bag.

Laundry – You’re really not that dirty. Wash less laundry.

Language –  “Clutter is the disease of American writing,” says a linguist. I’d better stop here!

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