Leap for Less in February

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Leap for less this February. Find ways to “UN” as a lead-in to Spring to get rid of some chaotic clutter.

“If I had a hammer…”  I did!

A year ago, I was trying to fit a spice bottle into the confines of a drawer with fixed dividers. Suddenly I saw a solution: less! I took a hammer to the dividers.

I “UN”-ed the drawer by removing barriers to the space – a process that helped me realize I was using just half of my kitchen. Why did I need all of those cabinets? I cook quite a lot; but I’m getting better and better at discovering just what I need.

I don’t need the zester because my daughter gave me a smarter multi-use Microplane for Christmas. I don’t need the big old turkey cooker as a 7-year vegan with no need for it any more. I will keep the spiralizer, but you can have the extra fry pan. Take the plastic bowls because I now like clean glass. But take the oodles of wine glasses; I need fewer than I have.

Spontaneity can be your friend in fixing everything from messy work problems to cleaning out an underwear drawer.

“UN” Examples

“UN” at work: avoid (or better, fix…see last post) meetings where too little is accomplished; stop reports that use time and produce too little information; don’t purchase an item you always used before…see if you can “UN” it.

“UN” at home: turn your non-sweaty socks wrong side out and wear them again; stop using a hair dryer for styling, considering the current look is messy anyway;  fill just a bag a week with unused stuff and donate it. Whatever you think you need, find a substitute.

Even if you’re rich or win the lottery, you have better things to do than routinely fulfilling merchants’ goals that you consume yourself.

“UN” your health habits: delete apps, pills and potions unless they give in health more than they take in time;  take a walk instead; turn off all screens near you within 30 minutes of bedtime for better sleep.

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“UN”-ing this blog length

These blogs we write are usually too long. I’m moving to shorter News Notes and tweets to save us all time.


Start anywhere. .

February is going to be a beautiful month!





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