Let it snow…let it go

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Hello Cocooners! As you hear the quiet of snowfall or the drone of snow plows, grab the chance to simplesize.

This blog found its legs when I read how the medical world had decided a yearly GYN exam was unnecessary (July 4 post). Hooray! I decided if that’s unnecessary, we’d better examine other silly practices that we do out of habit and stuff that we accumulate – both at home and at work. I used the marathon as a model and the alphabet as a structure.

Need a primer on simplesizing? If you’re a follower, just pick a number or alphabet letter and randomly re-read a few to unload your house, office, car – or attitude. Or start anywhere and enjoy anew if you’re fresh to it. Meantime, use the storm – live or watching from warm places on TV – to find a drawer, a space, a practice, or a calendar to simplesize.

Also please see: www.simplesizeme.net

Cheers and watch for new blog posts coming soon! 

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