“M” Re-Post: Middlemen, marketing, merchants, must-haves

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Just highlights below:

Math & the Middleman – Go for the shortest distance between 2 points to avoid the murky middle.

Marketing & Merchants & Must-Haves –  Wish I’d saved the money I spent on an iPad – not my thing; I prefer the brilliance of the iPhone. We cave to market messages and cultural conventions and need to wise up.

Meetings – Have an agenda or endure a muddled meeting.  If meeting leaders/attendees were clear on exactly they want to accomplish, much time at work would be freed.

Mindful –  Mindfulness can make the complex simple.

Move – Moving is good for us – keeps bodies healthy,  careers fresh, and new places and people discovered.  The simpler you keep your life, the easier it is to move.

Michelangelo –  David was waiting inside for the artist to chisel away the excess.  Find what’s inside yourself and chisel away. SimpleSize.

More – Go for less instead. Need I say more?

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