Next is coming! Get ready.

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  • Go on. Admit it. The new year is  a week old, and you’ve wanted it badly. You want to lose it.

No – not necessarily weight, nor your mind – from some of the wretched goings-on around us.

You want to unload all of the stuff that stuffs you so there’s more freedom, peace, and space to handle what’s next.

There’s always Next.

It’s as simple as canceling a date. Or streamlining to fewer steps, getting rid of the middleman. It can be as simple as a handbag; my friend downsized to a luxurious smaller bag instead of the one the size of a small lap dog.

We give our time, money, and space to our doings and our stuff to live and thrive – we think. It all amuses or helps us – maybe. It loads us –  surfaces, drawers, boxes, bags, cabinets, cubbies, cars, bellies, garages, attics, agendas, desks, domains both tech and mental.

But much of it is mud in our tanks. Static. Gilding the lily. It’s water in the boat.

Bail. LESS is a lifeline.  Because NEXT is coming.

Get started. Look around. See the excess. Get ready to clear out.

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