“O” Re-Post: Pope opts out of outdated ideas

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2 days ’til Spring. SimpleSize! Try this crash course.

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Just highlights below:

Options & Optimum- Narrow down your too-much world and be happier. Options are confounding.

Opt Out of Outdated Pope Francis as model: he hit a refresh button on some old thinking!  Toss outdated thinking just as you toss outdated food, medicine, clothes and beyond.

Ownership – Why own what’s rarely used? Rent anything from a gown to a drill these days. Wheeeee! Save money.
Order & Organize First SimpleSize – then order and organize. Less stuff = fewer boxes and bins.

Offload – Offloading pounds is thrilling! Off-load excess of all kinds.

Old – Experience and hindsight offer perspective on what really counts in your life.

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