Post #17 – “P” – Practice Pausing, Puttering, and Paring Down to Count Down

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Take Just 1 Step Right Now.  Let’s put this alphabet Marathon to its final paces with a count-down to year-end.

Your assignment RIGHT NOW: PRACTICE.  A PRACTICE is  an activity or exercise you perform repeatedly or regularly.  Add a  PRACTICE that will make a difference to SimpleSize what really matters to you. What  practice, activity,  exercise will you add? 

Here are some:

– At work or home, spend your first 10 minutes refusing to look at emails until after you finish an important task

– Breathe deeply upon arising and do one stretch

– Sip water/coffee/tea to keep from eating or drinking too much

– Walk out the door or up and down stairs for 10 minutes of activity – OR just 5 minutes – instead of 10 minutes of TV watching

– Add 1 new nutrient dense vegetable serving a day to your diet to up your immunity

– Take bags into stores instead of taking the plastic ones stores give you

– Travel only with what fits under a plane or train seat

– Or pick your own. Start it now.

More “P”s:

Possessions  –  The pleasure of possessions…lies in showing them to friends who are experiencing no immediate urge to look at them. Agnes Repplier.  Right on, Agnes!  We could use fewer possessions so we can open our lives to other possibilities

Plenty of Pretty Things – I want plenty of pretty things.  But learning the this-or-that technique has helped me eliminate excess. An “anti-consumer manifesto” has been published you might want to consider if you find yourself buying too much: A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy by Sarah Lazarovic. Instead of buying, she sketches what she doesn’t buy. Try her technique or shoot pictures instead.

Planet Mother Earth – A wonderful BBC commercial sent to me by my friend Mary reminds us what a wonderful world on which we live.  Whether you believe in peace or climate change or air, you can appreciate how important it is to simply preserve what we have – and discover ways to keep our world beautiful.

Plastic – Plastic is a scourge. Try glass or other containers.  Ban plastic where you can, starting by refusing plastic bags in stores. Take your own.

Pare Down & Purge– Closets and refrigerators and desks need it!

Pile – Knock ’em down. Piles are so yesterday. Instead of piles of papers and clothes and cans, pile up space.

Putter  – My Aunt Linda said she’s a master at puttering.  Hats off to putterers!  It calms us and lets us accumulate energy and focus for later when we need it to tackle busy times.  Puttering is a simple pleasure of life.

Pause  – Pausing refreshes just as puttering does. It might mean you aren’t consuming or acquiring something you don’t really need.

NEXT POST is SATURDAY!  COUNT DOWN to “Q”!  Don’t forget your PRACTICE. 


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