“P” Re-Post: Practice pausing, puttering, paring down, piling space

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Quick highlights below:

Possessions  –  The pleasure of possessions…lies in showing them to friends who are experiencing no immediate urge to look at themAgnes Repplier.

Pile – Instead of piling up papers, clothes, clutter, pile up space.

Practice – An activity or exercise performed repeatedly or regularly.  Practice NOT accumulating.

Planet Mother Earth – Preserve her. Discover ways to lighten – not load.

Plastic – Plastic is a scourge. Refuse plastic bags. Take your own…and even look better not dragging around plastic.

Pare Down & Purge – Rooms, closets, drawers, refrigerators need it regularly.

Pause & Putter  – Pausing refreshes and puttering calms and lets us focus and accumulate energy.

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