Pelvic Exam Musings Prompt New ‘Marathon’ to Declare Independence

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At last they figured it out: the annual pelvic exam is no longer necessary! Just this week we read in the New York Times and heard everywhere that the governing medical bodies no longer recommend it annually.  Are yearly exams old science?  What else isn’t necessary?  And just this week, a Wall Street Journal piece suggested we cut back on the amount of time we give to our digital lives. More researchers tell us we don’t need all of the vitamins and medicine we take. Architects and designers tell us we need less space. Nutritionists tell us we can cut back on protein from animal food. Fashion designers tell us to minimize. I call this SimpleSizing.

Join 26-Week Marathon to Declare Independence from Life Clutter
If you regularly feel a little overwhelmed with all of your stuff and all that you do, perhaps you would like to join a ‘marathon’, of sorts, to tackle this problem.

I will be posting 26 weeks of blogs during the 26 weeks in the second half of this year – just as 26 miles of a marathon – just as the convenient 26 letters in the alphabet – for tips you might use to create a leaner, lighter life A to Z in what you habitually do and consume – and produce, buy, accept, acquire, say, write,  deliver, distribute, eat, pursue, generate, and obsess about.  We are busy people, aren’t we?

Mere “Simplicity” Hasn’t Worked Very Well
We’re stuffed!…which is why I founded SimpleSizeMe, LLC,  last year – driven by years of teaching and learning in the business of life. SimpleSizing literally looks at the size, as well as amount – the depth and breadth and scope – of all we consume and generate to get from stuffed to better. Whether you’re a manager stumbling over the bureaucracy of your work or a parent stumbling over toys – and often you’re both at the same time – you can banish much of it and thrive on less.

Simplesizing Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Downsizing
A jolting thought is that what we possess and cling to now become our personal effects at the end!  So when you’re shaping the adventure called your life, surely you’ll want to down-size what no longer works – and right-size what really reflects you – and up-sizing where it counts.

Get ready for Mile 1 and Letter A: acquisition – accumulation – abundance.

SEE YOU NEXT WEEK with thoughts, tips, and ideas to start simplesizing!


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