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It’s the “I” week.  SimpleSizeMe Marathon has 17 weeks until year-end.  How much leaner and lighter is your life in these first 9 weeks? 

Index – Yikes, the heat index is high as September launches.  Also, an index is a shortcut derived from and pointing into a greater volume of values, data, information or knowledge. Love an index!  It wasn’t necessarily easy for the indexer; but it makes information simpler for us users in our information pursuits.

Inspiration – I sit here inspired reading Law #1 in The Laws of Simplicity by John Maeda, a designer and professor, now at a Silicon Valley firm, formerly of Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and MIT.  His Law #1 is the inspirational “reduce”. Maeda says the easiest way to simplify a system is to wisely remove functionality.  Lessen what you can and conceal everything else without losing the sense of inherent value…Simplicity equals sanity.”

Information – In the time it took you to read these few words, thousands of new words are posted in all of your favorite blogs, emails, newspapers.  You can’t keep up so don’t try.  New information is always just around the corner – so compelling that you must leave the old behind while you stay up-to-date with what makes sense. Stay nimble and be ready.  Again those zen thinkers come to mind: don’t get attached to things.

iPadiPodiPhone – Apparently Apple is going to wow us with new iPhones and even iWatch this month.  You can have pods, pads, and watches. – Just leave me my iPhone.  Let me keep my current model of this already brilliant slab of technology for awhile.

Ingredients – The very essence of anything we eat is comprised of the nutrients and ingredients within.  I love a recipe with few ingredients so I can taste what’s inside (though sometimes a complex process can be fun).  This is the Farm-to-Table focus: simply grow it, harvest it, eat it.  In between, you may chop, blend, mix, juice, bake or cook it. If you avoid the usual suspect – the middleman animal – you get the most sustainable, healthy, kind end product. Try eating only plants for awhile. See what you think of the simplest ingredients of all.

Induction – Induction cooktops use induction heating to directly heat a cooking vessel, which is safer than electric or gas, as fast as gas (though some gas chefs may disagree),  and more energy efficient than gas or electric. Try induction for solid thinking as well as cooking.

Intangibles –  The Best Things in Life Are Free.  Intangibles ignite us.  Regularly give your time, your attention, your thoughtfulness, your curiosity, your eye contact, your phone call, your words just to say Hello. Anyone who didn’t get a tangible gift from you will hopefully remember that you gave yourself with no expectation of anything in return.


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