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“J”s guide SimpleSizing with 16 weeks to year-end. Still waiting for inspiration to SimpleSize? What’s messy or over-flowing?  The box of junk in your office or junk meetings at work, a closet full of clothes you don’t wear, junk thinking?

Journalism – An upside down pyramid or triangle is a simple metaphor used by journalists to prioritize facts for an article. What’s important fills the top paragraph.  Make your life like that.  Put actions and objects of importance in top priority position: for example, in a meeting, do what matters first; in your fridge, put the healthy food in the front; in your closet, put what you wear most in a prominent position.

photo-5                                           photo 3

  The upside down pyramid envisioned in a fan or a candelabra. “See” what your priorities are.            

Jump on it! – I have 3 exercises best done with no contemplation. Push-ups: get down, hold form, grunt it out, and quickly reach 10x – 2 sets (avoid shoulder or neck injury!).  Bridge: lift butt and make a bridge and nudge my body to be nimble – 12x. Recumbent bike: 20 minutes and I’m happily panting while reading texts. No strain and uncomplicated.  Jump on that annoying procrastination-making  project!  Lighten your load. Don’t plan too much. Pour a beverage fitting the task: water for work-out, coffee for over-due chat with an old friend; wine to tackle your closet.  Jump in gear.  Go!

Jettison – Avoiding or tossing clutter is a top life skill.  You hone it with practice, practice, practice. Do it now.  Being mired in messes just isn’t you! We bloggers/writers practice the jettison skill.  Our first drafts are really lousy; the second is a little less lousy; the third can be acceptable (you’re reading it now!).  Learn to toss, fling, banish. Comedien Louis C.K. does a funny bit (HBO: “Oh My God”) about the hours of wasted parent time stuck behind the lens while the real action takes place in our children’s live “HD” performances – which we’re missing because we’re shooting pictures of it! You think you’ll watch the footage later. You won’t.  Jettison the camera.

Just Enough – Index fund inventor John Bogle wrote a great book,  Enough, about satisfying our need for enough. Friend and Bejing client Anita Sabatino suggested that an even better description is  Just  Enough; find just the perfect amount for any pursuit.  Restaurants are good places to observe more than enough: the way people look when they enter eager and sprightly – vs. the way they walk out, stuffed and shuffling.  Our restaurant culture over-feeds people.  In the old vernacular, we have to cry uncle.

Junk – Your junk might be junque to me – and vice versa.  My sister Bonnie reminds us to stop stinkin’ thinkin’ – a great expression she’s heard!  Yep. We need to jettison junk thinking.

Joy –  Joy is that feeling of carefree, lightweight freedom.  It comes when worries, anguish, ills are reduced – like old socks and wadded papers.  It’s a worthy feeling you deserve.  Joy awaits the finished project.

Justify This Week:

– Invert your week and fill the top with prime events of your life

– Jump on clearing your clutter

– Jettison junk of all types

– Find Just Enough.  



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