Post #12 – Have Your Kale & Eat It Too – & Join the Peoples’ Climate March Spirit

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“K” week starts with kaffe and a kiss.  15 weeks to year-end!

KISS – With a kiss, let’s update that tired old expression (keep it simple, stupid) –  to a more tender Keep It Simple, Sweetie.

Kaffe – Coffee in many world languages. A simple life pleasure.  Black, please.      shutterstock_116965270

Kitchen – The simple heart of the home. It’s where we gather, cook, plop the take-out on the counter, welcome guests, gather our wits.  The foot-prints of all of us sentient creatures lead to the nourishing kitchen. The simple old log cabin model.

Kale Have your kale and eat it too.  Kale scores 1000 on a 1000-point index.  Compare: animal food scores an average of 17 points, fried foods 12,  processed foods 8. Ouch! So treat food offenders as 2-3 bite condiments (no protein worries; plants have the actual amount your body needs).  Nutritarian Handbook by Dr. Joel Fuhrman presents the Andi scale – Aggregate Nutrient Density Index – a handy little gem using factors ranging from vitamins and fiber to radical scavenging and angiogenesis cancer fighting.  In the hands of home and restaurant chefs with fun recipes,  kale and newly appreciated brussels sprouts, cauliflower, pomegranates, farrow, fava, and beyond will nudge offenders to the side.

Killigrams – Units of mass or measurement, such as killigrams – or the stone or the pound or the BMI, or lipid panels, etc. – are all helpful – except when they confound us.  My colleague J.L. Fields calls herself a “round” vegan runner, unlike the often seen skinny runners. She just goes for joyful running and forgets limiting notions and numbers..  Keep health simple, Sweetie.

Keep – WHAT?! Chief simplicity officer says to keep something?  Yes. Keep selected objects that really count. Keep your collection of pitchers. Keep reading paper books as well as e-reading. Keep the wood cabinet Dad made. Keep your very favorite anything.  They nourish you with context and meaning. Simply donate and toss the other half.

Knowledge – The United Nations is in session in New York City this month, which is why many of us are participating and 1,400 world organizations are backing the Peoples’ Climate March there  –  The U.N. issued a startling report in 2006, concluding that animal agriculture does more to harm the environment than transportation.  People are listening.  Since then, plant-based eaters are growing in number; meatless Monday is reality; and groceries and restaurants everywhere offer more plant food choices.  The more we know, the more we can help.

Karma – Karma is action, word, or deed, whose good or bad intent begets the same (my definition based on many).  It is so related to life’s simplicity, to the Golden Rule, to compassion, to citizenship.  Quoting a favorite sticker seen on a nearby Mac 😉 – eat like you give a damn.

Kick It! – My husband Don’s input about SimpleSizing this week. Get out there and simply get in gear!

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