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“M”s  prompt more awareness toward SimpleSizing for the last half of our Marathon:

Mushrooms – So ugly, these SimpleSizers are carriers of deep gourmet flavor and are also natural recyclers, breaking down fallen trees into simpler compounds, as well as detoxifying environmental contaminates. I threw this one in for fun!….but also because of what’s recently beenphoto  discovered – that their antigen-binding lectins can control abnormal cells, identifying them for destruction by the immune system and preventing them from dividing and possibly replicating into cancer).

Math & the Middleman – The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. Avoid middlemen if you can.  For example, we vegans eat our nutritious plants directly from the earth, totally avoiding animal parts and their fluids as delivery systems. Animal parts don’t have nearly the nutrient density as food straight from the ground.

Marketing & Merchants & Must-Haves –  In May, I caved in to the lure of the triad – marketing messages,  merchants,  must-haves – when I bought an iPad – even though my wonderful MacAir was perfectly okay. I certainly shouldn’t have been spending the money, and now I’ve learned I’m not a tablet lover. Here we are in a free country often slaves to market and cultural conventions. The coming Holiday season, as always, will test our mettle. From candy corn at Halloween to the post-Holiday sales, the lures of the market can leave us stuffed and sorry.

Meetings – Meetings move businesses and organizations forward – but with lots of time lost.  Whenever 2 people meet, it’s a meeting. If you want a good meeting, have a clear agenda – even for the simplest of goals.  Agendas are like writing: say specifically what you want to accomplish  in simple terms – nothing more, nothing less.  If only meeting leaders and attendees were clear on that, more time at work would be freed – to do other, more important things, than sit in muddled meetings.

Mindful Mindfulness can make the complex simple.

Move – Moving is good for us: moving keeps our bodies healthy; moving jobs keeps careers fresh; moving house means we discover new places and people.  If so much good comes from mere moving, move more.  The simpler you keep your life, the easier it is to move.

Michelangelo –  David was waiting there for the artist to chisel away the excess.  Your home and your life are awaiting your skillful hands in chiseling away the excess as you discover what you really need.  SimpleSize.

More – Go for less instead. Need I say more?

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