Post #15 – This blog says “No” in 155 words. Try it yourself.

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“No” is a complete sentence. 

Lately, I found myself barreling through too many things, including this blog.  The timing couldn’t have been better for my daughter Suzannah to send me a quote from Voltaire: The secret to being a bore is to say everything.


This week, I’ll say little.  Don’t you love the white space?


Just 4 “N”s:

Needs –  All you have is all you need.  I carry this in my mind, and I know it’s true.  We’re mostly blessed and need little.

Nonsense – If you say, “Nonsense!” you can just walk away from things that don’t really need to be done, bought or thought.

Numbers – Instead of counting calories, money, meetings, or cholesterol scores, count some breathes and give thanks.

Nourish – Simply nourish yourself this week – in all that you do. Don’t fill to ‘Full’.


What all can you say “Noto? 

The SimpleSizeMe Marathon has 12 weeks to year end. Say “No” a little more.


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