Post #16 – Pope Opts Out of Outdated Ideas

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It’s “O” week – with 11 weeks to year-end in the SimpleSizeMe Marathon – and a twist starting next week (below).

Options & Opt Out & Optimum- Paralyzing and exhausting is what options are.  Sound unexpected?  The Paradox of Choice is a 2004 landmark book by Professor Barry Schwartz who says maximizers are victims of abundance (WSJ). He notes that we’re now witnessing too much depression in a time of plenty leading us to set unreasonably high expectations and question our choices before we even make them. We live in a too-much world.  Narrow your options, Schwartz says, and you’ll be happier.

Outdated – Go to your medicine or kitchen cabinet or closet and toss to your heart’s content.  Chances are, much is expired or outdated   What about your thinking? Ancient ideas need a refresh button. Consider Pope Francis and the new thinking he has introduced to the Catholic Church. Can you change any of your thinking in a similar way?  

Ownership – Not! You lucky city dwellers who need no cars! My Chicago sister was jubilant over renting a car now and then in the 80s and 90s only when she needed it, and my daughter is happy to be car-free in Brooklyn.  Renting is everywhere now.  New thinkers can rent a gown or a drill instead of buying one.  Even renting your residence looks more financially sound than owning for many these days.

Organize & Order – Banish boxes and bins. Less stuff means fewer vessels for holding stuff.  Professional organizers say start with eliminating, reducing, tossing, deleting first.  SimpleSize. Organize.  Order.

Offload – Yesterday, I walked 2 miles carrying my body and a 5 pound bag. What a load to mail a package!  A reminder that offloading excess lightens not only the literal poundage – but also the mental weight.  I felt a positive lift offloading the package.  Hmmmm…Before the Holidays, I should  offload my traveling weight that I didn’t offset with enough exercise. A great guideline: 1 comes in, 2 go out.

Okra – A vegetable I’ve opted out of.  Can anyone offer a recipe I would like? It’s just too slippery for me.

Old – When you get to be olderyou can dispense advice – whether you’re asked for it or not! ( as this blog does:) Old  means experience and hindsight that magnify your bounty and offer clearer perspective to see what really matters to you.

HOPE to see you next week for “P” … when I’ll put a little twist on the last 10 weeks!


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