Post #20 – “S” – Keep Clear and Carry On – and Let Surfaces Surface

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We’re just under 7 weeks until 2015.  Jump on the final SimpleSizeMe Marathon assignments. Last few assignments: practices, quit, rooms.  (series began July 4…scroll down)

THIS WEEK’s assignment: SURFACES.  

One sign of a busy or messy person is piled-high surfaces. We have counter tops, table tops, desk tops, bureau tops. Still we pile things on chairs, couches, beds, floors, car seats.

Tips to let your surfaces surface:

 Be chief distribution officer – put it away now. On planes, trains, walking down the street, we get by holding an object, cup of coffee, etc. between knees or ankles or underarms, even in our teeth, while we get situated. We’re capable of doing things without a handy surface. Do the same at home. Put things away pronto to prevent surface pile up.

– Hit “C” for clear – like an accountant: An accountant once made clear the importance of CLEAR.  Her desk was absolutely absent of anything except my folder. “I clear my desk like I hit “C” on the calculator – so I’m ready for the next client.” photo

Outta sight – but handy: My neighbor Susan chuckled one day when I pulled the teapot from the drawer below the cooktop; teapots usually sit on the cook top. Let drawers do their job! Hide things there – keeping them near their point-of-use. photo

– One surface at a time:  Clear just one routinely messy surface this week. Discard or store contents outta sight. Now you have a clear deck. Tackle another surface next week – and so on.  A place for everything and everything its place.  The simple cliche is so true. photo-1

Keep Clear and Carry On as a life rule: For example, at work, end a meeting with a simple, clear outcome and next steps. Ditch that old line about clean your plate; substitute clean your palatemeaning, eat plant foods mostly. Then you’ll finish meals with a clean palate and un-stuffed stomach.   At home, clear out a task before starting another. After a work-out, stretch through to a clean feeling.

MORE “S”s:

Stressure –  This coinage combines the words stress and pressure. Removing stressure is a hallmark of SimpleSizing.

Sanctuary – Your home is your sanctuary.  Let it breathe with less stressure.

Sustainable – Buy things that last which don’t abuse. Cradle to Cradle is an organization that originated the concept of the use and evolution of materials as biological or technical nutrients. If we insist on clearer, cleaner processes in the manufacturing of the stuff we buy and consume, we become better stewards of Planet Earth.

Space – Cherish space, rather than loading it. Use the concept of form and void. Balance each. Let space breathe.

SimpleSizeMe – Build systemic simplicity into your life with SimpleSizeMe tips & techniques.

Keep clear to carry on!   NEXT WEEK: “T”



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  1. I love the ‘S ‘s !!

    Going right now to clear off a desk top!

    You got me motivated -as usual

    Love – your ‘Student ‘


    Sent from my iPhone Anita Sabatino


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