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Just 6 weeks ’til 2015 – the 21st week of the 26 week Marathon.  The last few assignments were: P – practices. Q – quit. R – rooms. S – surfaces.  (Please scroll down to see all)
THIS WEEK’S assignment: “T” for TIME. 

GIVE thanks with TIME – Thank you my friend Lucy Chan for saying this, “The gift of time is a powerful expression of love.”  One of the reasons we enjoy Thanksgiving so much is because we can offer the gift of time as we prep, clean, and cook for our beloveds. If you simply open your door to people, you are showing your care, love, and generosity.  When we spend time buying stuff, we’re just gilding the lily of the already bountiful cake of the simple gift of hospitality ( mixed metaphors notwithstanding 😉


GIVE THYME with Quinoa.   Knock-out taste: no fat & no salt& gluten-free. IMG_5847

 Serves 8

  1. Cook 2 c. quinoa in 4 c. water on moderately low heat for 15-20 min. While it’s cooking, sweat sauté 1 c. chopped mushrooms in their own juice 5 minutes.
  2. Combine quinoa & mushrooms. Sprinkle 3-4 Tablespoon fresh chopped thyme (or dried thyme – or kale, basil, cilantro, or favorite herb)
  3. Add juice of 2 lemons & 2 garlic cloves. Garnish with a colorful plant food of any kind.  Finished! Serve at any temperature.


GIVE yourself better DRESSING through simple wardrobe and travel – Put a new twist on Holiday dressing as host or traveler; get dressed as simply as fashion insiders do. Find just a handful of perfect pieces in your closet that always look and feel best on you for these busy days. And, if flying, DON’T CHECK A BAG. They don’t call it LUGgage for nothing!


Thoreau – Hey! Wasn’t he the guy who started all of this simplicity stuff?!  Yes!  Simplify. If you’ve never read Walden, check out Henry David Thoreau’s simple life philosophy: In proportion as [one] simplifies his life, the laws of the universe will appear less complex.

Tech – Drives us nuts sometimes, but we want it.  Learn and grow with it. Tech is my version of bridge: I don’t have to sit still to play it and I get more out of it!

Turkey & Tempting Trade-Offs  (Please see my daughter’s guest post in the previous post below about turkey trauma.) Use of animal products includes cruelty of many kinds, for the animals and the laborers. Up until  6 years ago, I had rarely thought about that, even though I witnessed it growing up on a farm where animals were slaughtered for food.  My new Thanksgiving means bypassing the sad, dry carcass on the host’s table. Cooks, let’s all create tempting side dishes celebrating all of those heavenly plant foods – the bounty from our land which serves the gratitude theme best.  Trade-Offs are easy when they’re for extra helpings of sweet potatoes, vegetables, wine, or dessert.

Readers of SimpleSizeMe blog, I wish you Happy Thanksgiving!…See you next week for “U”s.


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