Post #22 – “UN” things from your life – from underwear to worrying

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Less than 5 wks to 2015.  

THIS WEEK’S assignment: “U” for UN. Uninstall. Undo. Stop. Quit. SimpleSize.

There is so much more to life than so much more. “UN” “express a reversal of action or state, or removal, release.”

In the spirit of our 26 weeks Marathon and alphabet letters…Thank you, Readers, for these 26 “UN” ideas!  

  1. UN Wearing make-up on weekends – opting for saved time and fresh face
  2. UNs for Holidays: turkey, cranberry salad, pumpkin pie –  preferring alternates
  3. UN Full coverage granny pants – preferring thongs – and sometimes none
  4. UN Snapchat – crazy waste of time
  5. UN Black Friday/Weekend come-ons
  6. UN Living by a daily schedule that no longer fits a new life
  7. UN Self-doubt, guilt trip, living in the past
  8. UN Sit-down dinners – opting to invite friends for generous tapas only
  9. UN Christmas cards and the Holiday letter
  10. UN Facebook – just occasional use
  11. UN Shopping for clothes – going for thrift or the perfect piece
  12. UN Magazines – opting for online or not at all
  13. UN Microwave – using toaster oven and flat bowls instead
  14. UN Framing pictures – opting for rotating them on floor, mantle or desk
  15. UN Decorative pillows – “UN” Ralph Lauren-ing”  – opting simply for purposeful functional ones
  16. UN Plastic containers – opting for glass
  17. UN Baking sweet treats – preferring savory instead
  18. UN Fat fancy towels – preferring thinner simple ones
  19. UN Any kind of milk or sweetener in coffee or tea, preferring black
  20. UN High ceilings in new house – preferring human-sized lower ones
  21. UN Use of animal products – giving up cruelty too
  22. UN Buying gifts – preferring to hand craft or give a shared experience instead
  23. UN Worrying/UN engaging about silly stuff and certain people
  24. UN Duplicates of household goods when packing to move – or any time
  25. UN Large waste baskets because of buying fewer packaged goods
  26. UN Wordy emails because no one has time to read them [point taken for blogs!]


Upsize – It’s a trade-off proposition; yes, you can upsize what is important to you – because you’ve “UN-ed” what’s not important. For example, I want to keep the chair in which we rocked our baby, which will soon arrive back home after friends used it. The storage trade-off in the garage closet until the rocker is next needed is to donate the bulky extra dining chairs currently taking up the space.

Unloose & Undulate – The feeling of unloosing yourself from the paraphernalia of your past will more than compensate for any loss you might notice. Letting go of old stuff helps us move lighter – undulating – through our lives.

The more you know, the less you need.    Australian Aboriginal saying

Next week – “V”…






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