Post #23 – “V” – The Vessel of You is Worth Cleaning Out. Feel like Santa!

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4 weeks to the new year…SimpleSizeMe mission – create a leaner, lighter life.

It’s the Sparkling Season!  A new year will start soon – shiny and bright as the packages and displays of the Holiday Season. We’re closing in on the final weeks of this weekly Marathon blog of 26 weeks and 26 letters to focus on shedding excess.


Get creative with your vessels for double use.  Think inside out.

THIS WEEK’S assignment: “V” for Vessel. 

Vessela  container for holding something – or a vein or artery that carries blood through the body.

You are a vessel holding the sum total of who you are. Blood vessels are paramount to the very pulse of your being. Care for the vessels that make you tick.

If you removed all of the vessels in your home, office, car, handbag that just sit there doing nothing, you would have more air moving.  As in the photo above, find ways to double the use of something you love.

2 Simple Strategies to Deal with Vessels

1. Out go useless vessels! The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of De-Cluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo. A woman after my own heart! Keep what you love, what “sparks joy” – discard the rest. Simple.

2. Perform 10 minutes sweep-stakes often.  ‘Sweep’ out bins and containers loaded with questionable contents.  Out with the contents, then out with the vessel itself. 10 minutes here – 10 minutes there. Start tomorrow. It’s the giving time of year anyway. Give your excess to charitable organizations for re-cycling so they can find another home. Items sold at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore or another similar thrift shop produce income that helps these great organizations operate.  And you’ll feel like Santa!


Vulnerable– Our minds can be children. Check out this informative article that offers insights into marketers’ tactics that prey on our minds’ vulnerability of wanting instant gratification:  How to Defeat the Impulse to Buy  

Vegan – Whenever you eat plants, you unclog the vessel of you; it’s the animals that clog up bodies – and streams. Eat plants just 10% more than you have in the past; who doesn’t love a 10% boost in what’s good?

Vocal – Being vocal about what you think and feel is a simplesized way to communicate. Straight through with clear meaning. What’s harder to deal with is reserved and passive communication.  Whatever the subject, vocally express your views to help everyone involved.

Valiant – How you’ll feel when you let go of stuff.  Every day brings sweet spots – moments that make you feel good about living, giving, and making things better.

One who knows ‘enough is enough’ always has enough. Tao Te Ching

Next week – “W” …


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