Post #24 – “W” – Free Your Holidays with wabi sabi, “Cowspiracy”, and inventing your own wheel

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Mile 24 beckons in the SimpleSizeMe Marathon. Are you still running to the end?

THIS WEEK’S assignment: “W” for wabi sabiWhat?! Actions will SimpleSize your week.

Wabi  is a Japanese aesthetic defined variously in English as: imperfect, tranquil simplicity, austere elegance, unpolished or irregular beauty; things in their simplest transcendental state of mind – definitions from the tiny book, Wabi Sabi: The Art of Everyday Life by Diane Durston. She says Sabi has been interpreted as the beauty that treasures the patina that age bestows, as the natural cycle of birth and death.


From an artistic perspective in his book, Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers, Leonard Koren treasures wabi wabi because, “It resolved my artistic dilemma about how to create beautiful things without getting caught up in the dispiriting materialism.”  He recommends keeping things clean and unencumbered, encouraging earthiness, unpretentiousness and intimacy of scale. “Things wabi-sabi have no need for status or the validation of market culture.”

Invite some wabi sabi traits into your life: 

Imperfect: Dough flops, the party fizzles, the plant dies, you stumbled in your presentation. Let it go.

– Tranquil: Occasionally give Quiet a seat; silence tech, tv, music to revel in the stillness of yourself and your home,

Elegant: Try LESS in business, decor, fashion, food, work, communication. Remove, don’t add.

Beautiful: Light a candle and sit in your own simple beauty often. Find beauty where others miss it. Like rutabaga!

Earthy: Get closer to Earth’s unrefined blessings. Spare its creatures. Eat more whole plants. Beautify you.


Wallet – Leave it home occasionally and see how much fun you can have without it.

Wealth – If faced with a choice, would you choose health or wealth? Is health wealth? Focus on your answer.

World & Waste – We did learn clean up after yourself in kindergarten. It’s still our job. So lessen the original mess you make. See the new documentary, Cowspiracyand learn how our world is suffering through actions beyond the usual suspects of just fossil and forest degradation.

Wheels – I marvel that it took until 1970 when wheels were put on luggage. Happily!..because I’ll pack for a 10-day Midwest to Bayou trip in one rolling carry-on bag. While the wheel is a 100% homo sapien innovation never before found in nature, sewing needles, woven cloth, rope, basket weaving, boats and even the flute all pre-dated wheels! Invent your own wheel. Be clever and as brilliant as you can. Find wiser ways for your life. 

Wise – If you are wise you will dread a prosperity which only loads you with more. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Next week “X”…


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