Post #25 – “X” – X-Rated Story of How Ximena and Xavier SimpleSized

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25th mile post!  The finish line is close…

THIS WEEK’S ASSIGNMENT – “X”   Am I crazy?! It’s a busy holiday week! But go ahead and read this short blog…

A quick story about Ximena & Xavier… They are a fine couple whose life motto was too much is not enough!  They once had two of everything, gave everyone they knew gifts, bought every gizmo pushed in stores, and over-prepared for everything. They couldn’t resist any “bargain” – retail, thrift, discount, coupon. They bought it all. 

One day when Ximena was ready to go shop for more gifts for Xavier, she tripped and fell over those already piled high. It knocked her for a loop, so she sat for a minute and put her feet up.

At the same time, Xavier was shopping for more gifts for Ximena.  Tired and weary, he delayed it for the next day and went home instead. Finding Ximena in her relaxed position, he enjoyed the rare treat of sitting down and joining her.  They sat there in silence for several minutes simply enjoying the rest and the quiet.

Soon something happened; they started chatting with each other. Without eating, drinking, tv, music, or even reading, they found the bit of stillness as good as a visit to a spa. Ahhhh. Next they took a walk…just a simple walk.

Their new “X”-it time, as they came to call it, became a new tradition, which became a daily way of life – a way of less instead of more. 

Another “W”!  This is a SimpleSized “w”-reath with an “x-rated” starfish for its coastal location.



X-Rated – To me, violence is what needs the X-rating. It wears me out so I avoid it or hide my eyes. “X”-it from your life what doesn’t work for you.

X-treme – Go to extremes where it matters to you. For example, I’ve been asked whether living vegan is a little extreme.  For me, 6 years of study have convinced me that animal consumption is what’s extreme and unnecessary.  When all major global health organizations say the optimal diet for health can be had through plants, slaughtering and transporting dead animals for consumption seems extreme. The resulting compromised health, medication, and/or surgery that often accompanies that lifestyle to un-do the harm caused seems ill advised. Consider where simplesizing can improve your life.

LuXurious – I love how  the luXury of less trumps the luXury of more.

Next week – “Y”. After the merriment is over – you can discover thattossing X is easy if you know Y”.  

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas!

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