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The finish line is nearly under your feet in the SimpleSizeMe Marathon! 

This is the next-to-last post of the SimpleSizeMe Alphabet Marathon series; the final will be Thursday, January 1, 2015. (scroll back to July 4 for beginning)


Assignment this week: “Y” – YOU!

YOU & YOLO  –  aka You Only Live Once. If you stop and think about what that means, it can be daunting.  The Holiday Season might prompt us to think it will always come again and again.

YOU & NEXT YEAR – So what condition of well-being, health, outlook will you be next YEAR this time?

Beautiful Reader, YOU have earned YOU time.  Now that you’ve resisted some of those ad texts, flashing headlines, billboards, commercials, and nuts hawking more more more more….Now that you’ve relaxed and reveled with relatives and rejoiced in the repast (of which you perhaps made and indulged too much), YOU need to SimpleSize with YOU TIME.

SimpleSizing means finding the leanest, lightest, most elegant, enjoyable, sustainable way to anything.

Try this YOU-boot inventory using the childhood song…

Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes:


– Meditate at least 5 daily minutes in still simple sitting joy.

– Rest it on a pillow in enough sweet sleep daily.

– Clean and floss all of its planes and ports diligently daily.


– Comfortably dial them back in the confidence that you are a living miracle.

– Shake them up and down in laughter every day.

– Use them to hug lots!


– Make them jubilant and juiced with daily exercise. Other joints too.

– Get them fixed NOW if they’re broken!…as my friend is doing next week through surgery. Why wait to fix broken body parts for “someday”. Live free of pain now through better life-style choices and/or simple surgery.


– Wiggle the life into them.  Stay in motion to stay buoyant.

– Don’t tiptoe into things; charge into life boldly.

– Stretch toward your toes at every chance. 100% is NOT necessary; just the gentle reach lubricates your body and your mind metaphorically. Reach!


Yield something amazing from yourself every day.

Yoga rocks and has for centuries. Try yoga in your own personal made-up way every day.

Youth-ify your attitude; don’t let youth be wasted on just the young.

Yum to foods that nourish. That’s all; does it nourish or deplete? Learn new ways to eat for more nourishment to become a stronger everyday athlete.

Yin Yang concepts can balance your life. The Chinese philosphy shows how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary and interconnected in the natural world. Light and dark, fire and water, male and female. Discover if more opposites can work for you.

Yore – Yesterday – They’re OVER;   start from NOW. 

It’s never too late to do today what you were going to do yesterday.

NEXT WEEK…final series blog and “Z”!…

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  1. Carol

    Love the heads shoulders knees and toes!!!

    Great memories and Great ideas

    You inspire me to be bold to be healthy and to always be grateful !



    Sent from my iPhone Anita Sabatino


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