Post #3 – ‘B’ Week. Busted! “Busyness” frighteningly close to “Business”

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Hello Marathoners  declaring independence to SimpleSize in the 26-week run to year end. (see posts starting July 4)

The ‘B’s are generous guides this week, so we’ll start with…


Everyone is busy, so brevity is a watch word this week.  If you can keep something brief, without sacrificing anything, do it.  When in doubt, leave it out.

Busy-ness too close to Business?

Hmmmm, those two are too close for comfort. Business – or busyness? When was the last time you examined the routines and ruts you slog through at work? What can you stop?  Without simple goals,  it’s easy to succumb to just busyness at work – and home.


Not always a tidy consumer, I get busted regularly by my husband after eating a muffin or nuts in the car.  My trails are always vegan treats, but it can be embarrassing nevertheless – being a grown up leaving trails like a child or a dog. Don’t get busted with trails of debris.  Pretend your car, desk drawers, briefcase, handbag, closet, cabinets, and the rest of your holding cells are under surveillance.  Don’t get busted with so much stuff and litter.  Clear it out before you’re caught.


I laugh at the signs at airports: “One Free Checked Bag”.  There’s nothing free about a checked bag!   It means hoisting and lifting heavy objects and baggage carousels.  They don’t call it luggage for nothing.  Use a bag as a model.  I cited the hurricane test last week.  Imagine you must evacuate because of an approaching hurricane; what is precious enough that you would take it in one simple bag?


A type of air balloon can only be controlled by dropping ballast; otherwise, weight shifts dangerously to one side.  Ballast steadies, controls, equalizes, and regulates.  Use ballast in your daily life.  When you travel – even around your house or town – drop ballast. Donate or toss what is excess and impedes your personal life balance.


Barnacles accumulate on things in the water. They also accumulate in our lives.  You must regularly scrape barnacles from your life: old habits, old thoughts, old trappings, any excess.


We want to avoid bulk in our bodies, in our cars, in our rooms, in our doings at work. Yet, buying in bulk can be smart – as long as it doesn’t warehouse your own pantry with expired boxes that become non-food.


Don’t.   To prove to yourself that you’re not a spending machine, buy only what can’t be put off until tomorrow.  Maybe it’s gas or food.  Even life’s most precious commodity – water – runs freely from the tap through our clean water systems in this country.

Summary tips for the week: 

– Brevity: when in doubt, leave it out.

– Business – not busyness: stop useless tasks at work.

– Busted: don’t get busted with “crumbs” in your lap

– Bag: simple, contained space, with limits

– Ballast: donate/toss overboard to keep your balance

– Barnacles: scrape excess off your life

– Bulk: avoid excess to avoid bulkiness

– Buy: Don’t – until you must.


Have a simple week and see you next week for ‘C’s.



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