Post #4 – 23 weeks to go! Contain yourself? Cast-off instead.

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What’s in your way this week?  Is STUFF in your way – or is your OUTLOOK in your way?

Loads of ‘C’ words can prompt you to assess and act to continue your Declaration of Independence from what encumbers you.


Lucky 13  ‘C’s – and then some:  

Consumption: Our dog Ziggy’s 14th birthday reminds me how carefully we monitor our pets’  consumption.  Let’s do the same for ourselves.

Challenge – Challenge, dare anything entering your body, home, office, meeting, gathering, briefcase, or life to have beauty and value for you.

Convenience – It prompts accumulation of gadgets, requiring energy to make and store – e.g. soap in balls to avoid lifting a plastic scoop…remote controls to avoid getting up…big rooms so we won’t bump into each other. Trade convenience for consider.

Complication/Complexity – Making the complicated simple…that’s creativity, Jazz Artist Charles Mingus.  What can you UN-complicate?

Clutter -Your mind always knows there’s clutter and stalls over it. Clear the decks, as boaters do for smooth sailing.

Clothes & Closets – Ahhhhh, the motherlode!  We’re told we wear only about 20% of our closets.  That’s bad investment any way you look at it.

Cast-offs & Cabinets & Cubbies  – I have friends moving this summer – determined to shed before paying movers more to haul more stuff.  An unwanted high chair prompted a photo album – with the pictures of generations of the babies occupying it – to become the heirloom itself  – as a gift for the grandfather. My friend’s kindness helped her gift her late mother’s sewing machine to an aspiring fashion designer – and an old Lego set to a teacher with no budget.  And my sister went to buy a piano, delightfully finding the seller lived in our late grandparents’ former home. Wonderful nostalgia ensued!

Container – I balk at helping fund the billion dollar container industry.  There’s enough useless plastic around.  If fact, aren’t we containers ourselves?  And if we look at our health care industry, it seems as a nation, we’re tolerating and warehousing too much of what’s bad for us.

Categorize:  If every living creature can be identified in just 7 classifications – kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species – why can’t we use categories of thinking (a different kind of bin or box) to classify and order our stuff for easier management?

Communication – Concise, Current, Clear – My business career has been in communication.  Experience shows that dithering with thoughts and words delays you and confuses others. Make that call. Get the sticky off your desk! Do it.

Compassion – Any endeavor is better if you are compassionate with yourself and any other beings.

Change – Life is change, so it’s okay to change for the sake of change.

Calm – That elegant beauty that becomes you when you aren’t frantically working to have more or do more.  It’s NOT being my dog! It’s sipping instead of gulping, nibbling instead of inhaling…Simply moving instead of rushing.


23 more weeks in this marathon to year-end

Can you change?  You’ve done it before.  Perhaps something above – or in a previous post – can prompt some action to:

– Pause. Consider before you acquire or consume – before you keep or take on something of questionable value to complicate your life.

– Find an immediate need.

– Single-tasking, tackle just one project right now – one step at a time.







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