Post #5 – 22 weeks to go! “Perfection…..when there is nothing left to take away”

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It’s the ‘D’ week in our 26-week marathon – with 22 weeks to go to SimpleSize your work, home, and health by year-end.


Dog Days – The dog days of August are upon us.  What project can you tackle – big or small – while the fair weather of summer is still here?

DylanI was so much older then, I’m younger than that now.”  Thanks, Bob Dylan, for your lyric.  Next month, next year, you’re going to be older anyway.  Shed stuff.  Don’t carry around detritus when you can streamline your life (I’ve been wanting to use that word!).

Detrituswaste or debris of any kind.  Many homes can hold a lot of detritus without feeling the strain.  But why?   Detritus means thoughts that are rubbish in your head or stuff that overruns your drawers and spaces.

Drawers – Are these the bane or our existence?!  Clean out a drawer a week, and you will have taken care of lots of detritus.

Deposit – Deposit money in the bank instead of random stuff in your life.  Save for what counts.

Design – “A designer knows [s]he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add – but when there is nothing left to take away.” Antoine de Saint-Exupery.  A good rule of thumb is: bring 1 thing in, take 2 things out. Mathematics say you’ll eventually get to the essentials.

Denial & Desire – They’re partners.  You’ll feel no denial if you longer desire something, which has been said by many learned leaders over the years.

Dead – An example of no desire is finding how wonderful vegan eating is: no dead animals. Vegan eating has become a model for simpler – and tastier –  living.  Eating, using, or wearing dead animals is not only cruel to them; eating them complicates how my body functions.  Plus, it’s wasteful of environmental energy and resources.  It had to go.

Dieting – Here’s something to toss out forever.  Diets rarely work long term and obesity now ushers in much illness. Well-known physician/nutrition researcher Joel Fuhrman has written a new book about it called The End of Dieting.  Banish dieting and start eating healthy.

Decide –   I wear my late mother’s earrings – pictured here – at least once a week.  I declined her good set of dishes when my sisters and I were dividing things 10 years ago.  Those lovely earrings give me such great memories of her every time I wear them; the dishes IMG_4952 would have just taken space.  Let value and love guide how you decide what to keep or let go.


Decor – An American in Paris offers a fun cinema scene when  Gene Kelly as poor artist Jerry Mulligan magically creates his home in his tiny Paris apartment with a pull-down bed, multi-use table, and a vase of flowers.  Make your home like that tiny Paris apartment – in a similar manner to what stagers now do for realtors presenting pared down interiors for potential buyers.  Display essentials – beautiful and functional essentials – and nothing more.

Delete –  Per Paul Simon’s lyric: “One man’s ceiling is another man’s floor.”  Delete and give things away.

Donate – Giving gives the giver the greatest gift.

Review these last 5 posts and try one or two ideas.

Keep cool and see you next week!




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