Post #7: The “F” Word – Food, Frugalista, Fat Cats, Fit, Focus.

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20 Weeks to go in the SimpleSizeMe Marathon. Hop in! 

Food – We need fine fresh food. However, it was fast food from the 1950s that took much of the fine and fresh away and gave us fast.  Fine is a matter of preference; fine to you might mean costly steak – but to us veg eaters it means better health and simple deep flavor – like beans (which happen to also be cheap).

Fat & Fast & Fish & Farm & Fries – The farm-to-table movement is trying to get fast food to slow down and be fresher.  But legislation making fat foods cheap has created a fatter country – and world – as Raj Patel’s book, Stuffed and Starved, explains.  The unique tastes and pleasures of, for example, fennel and frisee, are too little enjoyed – while fish is enjoyed so much that our oceans are now over-fished.   The USDA reported last November that the number one consumed vegetable in America is the potato – half of which is french fries and chips :/

Frugalista, Fortune, Fat Cats – Buy like a peasant, but live like royalty is a frugalista way to live. But yikes! If you’re a fortunate Fat Cat, you might be so over-whelmed with More that you sacrifice health and happiness in the long run. The Fortune 500 has driven careers, the size of cars, the food we eat, and the square footage of houses . Fortune and choice complicate us with More – which often means more debt and stress.

Focus –  Apple creator Steve Jobs said, “Focusing is about saying no. You’ve got to say no, no, no”.  The more you can focus and say no, the more freedom you have to get at what really counts in your life.
Fashion – Clothes are always a good place to simplesize. Clothes are essential and fun at the same time; so why are they so complicated?  Simple ideas to un-complicate and un-“fashion”:
     – Fit. Keep ONLY clothes that fit.  Be honest. Box them out of site; better, donate!
     – Flatter.  Indulge in flattering clothes – whatever price point. Check a mirror. Ask a mate or friend.
     – Feel. Are you simply comfortable in all your clothes? Get comfortable and chic.
Fitness –  The multi-billion fitness industry complicates fitness. Just participate in the simple, health-boosting luxury called stretching. Take a walk. Do some gentle yoga. Lift some weights.  Keep it simple – and it’s easier to stick to it – and avoid injury.
Use an “F” word this week to keep simplesizing.


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    Just landed in CA and read your weekly list to live by

    Love it my FRIEND !!

    That is the best F

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