Post #8 – Develop a crap-o-meter to detect clutter & lighten up at summer’s end

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Hello G-orgeous!  19 weeks to go as  “G” words keep us rolling through the SimpleSize Marathon. Enjoy a refreshing chocolate espresso over ice as you read…

Goal & Garments – I was Back Home Again in Indiana this week speaking at the Marion Indiana Library with a group of 40 who seemed very eager to learn how to let go and SimpleSize.  Susie’s quick goal to get rid of garments worked!

Thank you so much for lighting a fire!  I decided to try to find 5 items of clothing to donate and found over 50 without too much trouble!! ….Probably drawers next.  I can feel a weight lifting from me!!!  

Gifts & Giving – Henry Miller said, “Forget yourself. The world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people.”  My wonderful sister, Judy, paraphrases this when giving money instead of stuff:  “Forget stuff.  Concentrate on experiences.” Re-Gift tip: Gift the giver with words, “You are the gift. I’ll pass this gift along to someone who needs it.”

GE – I credit my former employer, GE,  with lots of  life management skills.  Work-Out, the brilliant process I learned there for change-acceleration and removing bureaucracy and problems is a skill I use daily.  Remove excess.  If it’s not serving you, out it goes.

GPS & Global Warming – Develop your own crap-o-meter – a GPS for clutter.  Ask whether your stuff in any way contributes to global warming and ill health – your own or Earth’s. Who said you need it? Who made it? How did they make it? Is is clean and green? Or is it stuff and junk? Is it a scalable commodity whose means of production is so dubious that you can’t trace its origin?  What story would it tell?

Garden – Have a garden? Is it like your grandmother’s or  Monet’s with sections all carefully and thoughtfully planted for organization and ease?  Your life is a garden. Weed it before you plant more.

Groan Zone –  I help business leaders learn meeting skills to get through the groan zone – a wonderful term coined by Community-at-Work in San Francisco.  Meetings are too often a mishmash of flying words where people are aching to get out.  Weed meetings too. Set a tight agenda and make something useful happen there.

Gorge & Groaning Board – SimpleSizing doesn’t have room for a grand array of too much stuff as the old buffets of past. These days, discount stores and their prices make gluttons of many otherwise well-intended people.  A New York restaurant proprietor asked a teaser question of his guests: “How do you want to feel after you’ve eaten?”  To feel good after anything, avoid gorging.

Green & Greener – After a week on the road, I lighten up my beverages for the remaining humid days of summer.

Dirty Iced Tea – Shaken, Not Stirred – Recipe Below


– 2/3 c. strong tea of choice (try smoky lapsang souchong)
– 2 teaspoons olive juice
– juice of 1/2 lime
– juice of 1 inch of ginger
– 3 olives
– mint leaves
– ice

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