Post #9 – 18 Weeks to Heist Bad Habits and Hone Your Health

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 This is “H” week – 18 weeks to year-end for SimpleSizeMe Marathon.


IMG_5147Home – Home is where your heart is – or where you hang your hat, we’ve heard.   I love space – but I don’t want spacious any more. From Boomers to Millenials, the word is Enough!:

Heart’s Desire –  If we simply let go of attachments, as the Zen Buddhists suggest, we could make any place home.  I loved my Connecticut kitchen, but I don’t pine for it. Our heart’s desires are easier to clarify if the coast is clear. Clear your clutter.

Habits – Has the word habit earned a bad reputation? Why do we think of yoga practice and work-out routine – yet we think of sugar addictions or hoarding as bad habits?  Maybe SimpleSizing is as easy as a shift in thinking. In a HuffingtonPost article, Ali Cherry writes of practice as the actual application of an idea – instead of just a theory.  She says shift from making long impractical lists to doing what propels us to act.  So, heist bad habits, such as buying stuff you don’t need or over-eating on sweets, for example, and hone your practice of spending discerningly or eating more nutrient dense foods.

Health – Find just 1 health practice for this week to improve your health. An hour of exercise can be so quickly undone by an hour of junk eating. Try instead an hour of creative cooking or another hobby. Swap a good practice for a bad one. Practice it. 

Happiness = Hummus – Happiness doesn’t depend on More; in fact More can diminish happiness. Tasty, thrifty, healthy food means happiness.  Smokey Paprika Hummus, from the Candle 79 cookbook, is a knock-out!  

Hair – If we’re lucky enough to have it, we want it our way. “Hair is geometry,” says my great hair dresser, Bruce Crowley, Boca Raton, FL  “Hair is simple – not complicated.  Though it’s square cuts on round heads,  it’s as simple as the plane of the head and the fall of the hair.”  He gives quick excellent cuts with no complication – which saves money and saves us both time.

Heft & Hoist –  Hefty bags and bins lining walls and closets eventually must be hoisted (too often, when people are older and sprain body parts dealing with them!).  Drop the weight that weighs down your life; live lighter in the luxury of less.

Hobbies – They often take huge amounts of time and space. Be sure your hobbies are nourishing – and not depleting – you.

3H – Use Labor Day Weekend to SimpleSizeMe

1. If a hurricane means evacuation, what is so precious that it gets a spot in your car or your bag?

2. Keep a heritage file – digital/photograph/cloud.  Why keep the original thing unless it unquestionably gives back to your life?

3. Give heirs things they could use and you don’t want any more.

Aha!  Once these humid, hot, hazy days of summer are past, revel in the fresh, crisp air of Autumn.




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