Post Lucky #13 – Let it go – as the leaves fall

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It’s “L” week, and we’re half way to finishing the SimpleSizeMe Marathon for a leaner lighter life.  Toss things as leaves fall. 

.  Fall Leaves Printable Template by oilandblue

Here are more ideas that might help…

Lift – Clearing clutter is a great mood lifter.  Even though I clear regularly, life has a way of giving it back.  Groceries, work, guests, dogs, gatherings, hobbies, papers all bring more stuff into the house.  But clear it and feel the light!

Loaded – Isn’t that a fun expression?  If someone is loaded, it means lots of money.  If a car is loaded it means lots of features. A loaded sentence is full of hidden meaning.  It can also mean just that – loaded – as in drunk or a s__t load of excess.

Listening – Half of all meetings are useless according to business surveys.  If all meeting attendees would listen, the work could be done in half the time.  Listening and meeting skills lighten any exchange. We can help you learn some.

Language –  “Clutter is the disease of American writing,”  said William Zinsser   He said it long before news anchors started telling us to take a listen – when just listen works.  However is one all-purpose word; yet many now say having said that OR that being said.  Similarly, with regard to replaces regarding. Sentences seem to need starters now: well, like, so, right.  (I think Jimmy Fallon gave us the now often heard right right right right).  Admittedly, my section here on language is longer than any other. Guilty!  It’s a sign that resisting more is hard.

Love –  Love people – not stuff. Keep only what is loved.

Luxury of less – A Pinterest sign that I love, forwarded by my sister Marcia, says – Beatles notwithstanding –  All you need is less. I couldn’t agree more.

Let It Go – The Oscar winning song lyrics are so right from the movie Frozen. You’ll rise further if you leave the past in the past.

List – Ugh. The classic to-do list is always too long.  Is that why the word list also means to lean? Long lists weigh us down. Remove the low priority items. You’ll forget they were even there. (We’ll talk about UN-lists in “U” week)

Land – Swedish architect J.S. Marcus writes about a couple who decided to “emphasize atmosphere over acreage” when they moved to a much smaller house. Good plan.

Luggage – I wish you no luggage nor baggage – just one rolling bag (small enough to care for your lower back by becoming a foot stool under the seat in front of you)

Laundry – Another complicating domestic duty.  Idea: wash your underwear in the shower. Seriously.  You’re really not that dirty.

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