“Q” Re-Post: Quit. Question. Quiet.

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A crash course in SimpleSizing is a great weekend idea!

Click here for original “Q” post.

Just the highlights below:

Quitting gets mixed reviews.  We’re applauded for quitting smoking or junk food – criticized if it’s jobs or exercise routines. Reconsider quitting:

  • Quit selected subscriptions, apps, sites,  emails, feeds, devices, channels, screens!
  • Quit pointless scrips, liquids, solids, gels, powders, stuff.
  • Quit memberships, affiliations, relationships, friendships of little value.
  • Quit planning your list of shoulds. List wants of real value.
  • Quit mindless habits and worrying – or cut back just 5% to get more time and mental peace.

Question – Question everything. Ask Who said?!…Why am I doing this?  

Quick fix – Find smart substitutions.

Quiet – Be still.

Original series began here.

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