“R” Re-Post: Rock Your Rooms as a Remodelista

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Learn the ABCs of SimpleSizing.

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Just highlights below:

Remove & Rooms – A simple way to decorate is to not. Removing stuff is decorating itself – as important as adding.

Remodelista – a book that suggests treating rooms as a body – change the clothes regularly.

RE – A prefix that’s an entire approach to life.  Environmentalists Reduce Reuse Recycle.  

Retire – At any age we can retire – retire things, habits, routines – anything that’s no longer useful.

Recipe – Be a recipe developer of your own life.  Use good ingredients in a new way.

Repetition – It has been said that doing the same thing over and over is called style.  Find your simple repetitive style.

ROI – Demand return on investment in products just as you demand it for your money.

Rich –  You’re not rich if you crave more.

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