“S” Re-Post: Give Your Sanctuary and Surfaces Space – with less “Stressure”

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This ABC crash course gets you started building systemic simplicity into your life through the SimpleSizeMe lens.

Click here for original “S” post.

Just Highlights below:

Surfaces – Clear the decks! Counters, tables, desk tops, chairs, couches, beds, floors, car seats. Let them breathe.

Stressure –  Combine stress and pressure and it’s trouble. Avoid stressure.

Sanctuary – Your home is your sanctuary.  Keep it clear to breathe.

Sustainable – Buy what lasts and what doesn’t abuse. If we insist on clearer, cleaner processes in the making of what we buy and consume, we become better stewards of Planet Mother Earth.

Space – Cherish it, rather than loading it. Use form and void.

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